Julie Dzerowicz
Julie Dzerowicz
Member of Parliament for Davenport
Key Issues for MP Dzerowicz & Davenport


Whether it be about issues concerning the environment and climate change, the rights of Indigenous Peoples, childcare, or beyond - the collective voice of our Davenport community speaks with strength and conviction. On this page, you can learn more about the work I am doing as your Member of Parliament to represent Davenport’s voice and interests across Canada.


Environment & Climate Change: Climate Change is one of the most urgent economic and societal issues of our generation. How we set ourselves up to transition to a low-carbon economy and help our population transition will determine the future success of our country. We’ve made great strides towards that, but more is needed – that’s a key focus of our federal Liberal government. As a Member of the Standing Committee on Finance, I’m focused on growing Canada’s economy, protecting our environment, and supporting Canadians. Our federal Liberal government and I continue to work tirelessly to ensure that we address the new and emerging economic challenges of today, such as COVID-19, in sustainable and permanent ways. Through my capacity as a member of the Finance Committee, I have chosen to adopt recommendations made by expert panels on sustainable finance, and focus on Canada’s green recovery. My ultimate goal as a member of the Standing Committee on Finance is not just to transition our country to a net-zero emissions economy, but also provide Canadians with a transparent, accountable, and clear road map of how we plan to reach net-zero.


Skills, Labour & Immigration: We are a country of immigrants, and we are socially, culturally, and economically stronger because of it. As a G7 country, our future success depends on not just immigration, but also to the extent which our immigration policies alleviate current labour shortages and skills mismatches in the Canadian labour force. As Chair of the National Immigration & Refugees Caucus, I am acutely aware of the negative impact these current labour force strains are having on stakeholders across the country, which is why this is a key focus area for our federal Liberal government. Canada is a big market, and it needs a large population of varying skill sets to meet its domestic and international demands. However, Canada is also a place to whom many migrant workers call home, and we need to continue offering these workers a fair chance of gaining citizenship. It is of utmost importance to recognize those that have been here for years working, living, paying taxes, and raising families in Canada, but for one reason or another have lost immigration status over the years. Though they contribute to Canadian society, they have no legal pathway to regularize their citizenship. In Canada, these workers are vital to our country’s economic health, and us ensuring their path to citizenship is crucial to upholding our Canadian values of equality, diversity, and inclusion. We must protect the most vulnerable members of our society, which includes migrant workers. Assuring the Canadian workforce can meet the demands of a changing world of work requires providing migrant workers with a secure path to citizenship. By granting migrant workers a way to regularize their citizenship, we are protecting not only their well-being, but also Canadian values, and the Canadian economy by assuring it can fill the good, paying jobs of today and tomorrow.


Arts & Culture: Canada is a remarkable country filled with Canadians of extremely diverse backgrounds. Arts and Culture is a vital way in which Canadians connect, appreciate their diversity, the world around us, as well as strengthen our country, and democracy. As the world of work and technology continues to evolve, artists, creators and all those currently working in the cultural industries must learn to adapt to the 20th-century regulatory environment. Altogether, we need to rethink how we support our grassroots artists. Ways in which I show my support include hosting regular Arts Roundtable meetings with the Arts and Culture community in Davenport and Toronto, as well as sharing their voice and lived realities at the national level in Ottawa. Our Davenport artists are part of what makes our community so beautiful and vibrant, as well as myself so proud to be your Member of Parliament, the MP for Davenport.


Guaranteed Basic Income: Far too many Canadians are currently living in constrictive financial situations; forced to sacrifice their health and peace of mind in order to pay the bills. No Canadian should have to live this way. That is why I have co-sponsored a resolution alongside four other MPs on a Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI), to be voted on, and to become the official policy of the Liberal party of Canada. Access to a stable and guaranteed basic income provides Canadians with security and ensures we rebuild Canada in an equitable and dignified way. As a member of the Standing Committee on Finance, I will continue to advocate for a GBI and protection for Canadians who need it the most.


Indigenous Rights/Issues: In 2015, the federal Liberal government made a commitment to build a better relationship with Indigenous Peoples; one that included better quality of life for Indigenous individuals, families, and communities. As a member of Davenport, I recognize and understand the significance of supporting and protecting Indigenous Peoples in our community and throughout the country. As your Member of Parliament, I am committed to upholding this obligation to Indigenous Peoples in Davenport and across Canada. Working in collaboration with Indigenous communities and partners, the federal Liberal government will continue to invest in Indigenous priorities, such as increasing access to clean water, high-quality health care, and distinctions based infrastructure. As we continue to move forward in rebuilding Canada’s relationship with Indigenous Peoples, I will remain committed to ensuring they are given agency of their own destinies, decisions, and futures. Within recent years, the federal Liberal government has made significant progress in amending and improving Indigenous services, however, a lot more work still needs to be done. I will continue to work hand in hand with other caucus colleagues to ensure a new nation to nation relationship is at the forefront of the federal Liberal government’s agenda.


Housing - Regardless of one’s background, every Canadian deserves to have a safe and affordable place to call home. Since first being elected in 2015, I have remained committed to ensuring this right for every Canadian. As a member of the Standing Committee on Finance, the federal Liberal government and I have been working relentlessly on securing rapid housing initiatives across the country, especially in Davenport. As a result of this hard work, a new modular housing initiative for people experiencing homelessness was approved this summer to be developed in Davenport. Located at 140 Harrison Street, this housing initiative represents not only the compassion in my Davenport community, but also the pathway to building back a stronger Canada. We then quickly followed this achievement by committing $1 billion in funding to the Canada-wide Rapid Housing Initiative. I believe providing safe and affordable homes to Canadians who need them is one of the most influential ways I can honour my commitment as your Member of Parliament to protect the most vulnerable of Canadians.


Childcare - Every parent deserves to be able to financially support their children without having to sacrifice all their family time to be at work. Our federal Liberal government and I passionately believe this, which is why we are introducing various policies to make child care more accessible and affordable to all families. We are expanding our Canada Child Benefit (CCB) program to give more money to Canadian families, and lowering the fees for child care. We are also introducing a 15-week paid leave for adoptive parents, including those of the LGBTQ2+ community. As a proud Canadian and member of the federal Liberal government, I understand that all families deserve to be together and have financial security. Through my capacity as the Member of Parliament for Davenport and member of the Standing Committee on Finance, I will maintain my focus on ensuring that Canadian families across the country are financially supported and protected.

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