Julie Dzerowicz
Julie Dzerowicz
Member of Parliament for Davenport


“A Guaranteed Basic Income has been bandied about for years and this Bill could provide for the implementation of pilot projects that would allow the collection of data; therefore, decisions could be made on real facts rather than assumptions. I would welcome such a pilot for PEI.”

The Honourable Wayne Easter, Member of Parliament, Malpeque, Prince Edward Island

 “Basic Income could create 300,000-600,000 jobs and add $80B/yr to Canada's GDP while ensuring we have abolished working poverty. In this period of rapid disruption of work and declining social mobility, basic income defends equality of opportunity and unlocks our ability to take risks: a key factor for improving Canada's innovation and labour market productivity.”

Floyd Marinescu, Executive Director, UBI Works

“This bill takes the building blocks of better income security for all Canadians—the experience, evidence, expertise and know-how we possess—and puts the gears in motion to make it happen.”

Sheila Regehr, Chair, Basic Income Canada Network

“Now is the time for the Government to take the lead on implementing a national guaranteed basic income. An overwhelming majority of Canadians support it, evidence of its positive impacts abound and it is affordable. Basic income can provide a measure of economic stability in the face of future climate, health and other crises. What remains is to work out how to implement it across our vast and varied Provinces and Territories. This Bill requires that process to begin.”

Coalition Canada

“Basic Income Canada Youth Network (BICYN) is a grassroots, national network of youth under 35 who are passionate about basic income. For young people in Canada, basic income is a glimmer of hope in a social and political context marked by uncertainty, volatility, and fear for our futures. Implementing a basic income would be the difference for many young people between surviving and thriving for years to come. BICYN supports MP Dzerowicz’s efforts through Bill C-273 to advance the implementation of a permanent, adequate, livable basic income guarantee in Canada.”

Basic Income Youth Network

"I support Bill-273 as I believe it will shine a light on social assistance reform. We have a legislated goal to reduce poverty by 50% by 2030. Social (Income)  assistance recipients  represent 40% of all people living in poverty and the 2030 standard cannot be met without  their emergence from poverty."

John Stapleton

“The Bill reflects a commitment to transparent, informed, and responsible governance - everything we need to help build a resilient and respectful income support system, and stronger social fabric.”

Barbara Boraks, Ontario Basic Income Network

“Food Banks Canada is encouraged to see Bill C-273 introduced in the House of Commons. For years, Food Banks Canada has advocated for the creation of multiple basic income pilots across the country to move us closer to a minimum income floor for all. We are hopeful that Bill C-273, and further debate about the need to improve our broken social safety net, will move us towards a minimum income floor and a Canada where no one goes hungry.” 

Chris Hatch, CEO, Food Banks Canada

"Feed Ontario believes that its vision of ending poverty and hunger is shared by all levels of government, and that there has never been a greater need for collective action than there is today. As longstanding advocates for evidence-based solutions to poverty, including the development of an inclusive and equitable basic income program, we are pleased to see Bill C-273 introduced in the House of Commons as an important step in finding innovative solutions that eradicate food insecurity and poverty in Canada."  

Carolyn Stewart, Executive Director, Feed Ontario


The Honourable Wayne Easter, Member of Parliament, Malpeque, Prince Edward Island

Floyd Marinescu, Executive Director, UBI Works

Sheila Regehr, Chair, Basic Income Canada Network

Annie Koutrakis, Member of Parliament, Vimy, Quebec

The Honourable Kim Pate, Senator for Ontario

The Honourable Hugh Segal, former Senator for Ontario

The Honourable Art Eggleton, former Mayor of Toronto, cabinet minister and Senator for Ontario

Toni Pickard, Founder and Coordinator, Coalition Canada: basic income – revenu de base

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